Annual Classic Car, Truck and Motorcycle Cruise & Show

Honoring America’s passion of for the automobile and the love of cruising, Star City Motor Madness is a charity fund raising event held annually near the end of June.The event raises money for the Virginia Museum of Transportation which is located in Roanoke as well as other non-profit organizations. One Of The Biggest Automotive Events In The Mid-Atlantic! 

History of Star City Motor Madness

Two Roanoke Area businessmen, who were also automobile enthusiasts, wanted to create an event to raise money for charities. Recognizing that the Eastern United States had a huge number of automobile collectors and enthusiasts, they felt that an organized “cruise event” would draw huge participation.

Roanoke’s Williamson Road (U.S. Route 11) was a popular cruise route in the 1950s and 1960s. The road retains much of the appearance of that era. It was an ideal location for an organized cruise event. Area automobile clubs were contacted to seek their input. A committee was formed consisting of representatives from each club. The initial event took place in 2002 with a cruise night July 3rd on Williamson Road and on July 4th a car show at the historic farmer’s market in downtown Roanoke.

Area businesses, governments and organizations jumped at the opportunity to assist. Berglund Automotive Group, The City of Roanoke, Downtown Roanoke, Inc., The Virginia Museum of Transportation (based in Roanoke), Williamson Road Area Business Association and various car clubs all participated. The name “Star City Motor Madness” was chosen because Roanoke is recognized as the “Star City of the South” (due to a massive neon star overlooking the city since 1949). When July 3rd and 4th rolled around response exceeded everyone’s expectations. The 2002 event was the largest automotive event in Virginia. Between the cruise and car show approximately 2,000 automobiles and 8,000 spectators participated.

In each year after 2002 the event grew again. In 2018 15,000 cars from modifieds to minivans cruised. Over 300 cars participated in the car show the following day.